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The Decision is Made – Going for Another Book!


The Decision is Made – Going for Another Book!

Some of you might not know this, but High Cookery is not my first cookbook. Before I married my high school sweetheart, roughly 16 years ago, I asked my buddies to throw a bachelor’s camping trip rather than the traditional party. And so, I, along with 14 dear souls, camped in a beautiful crater in the Israeli desert for 3 days. It was amazing. I was already a seasoned cook at the time and enjoyed making super tasty gourmet outdoor cookery for the guys. This is when the idea for my first book was conceived.


A couple of years later I published my first outdoor cookbook (in Hebrew). It was so much fun. I created recipes, tested them, and spent multiple days out with friends and a photographer, cooking tasting and shooting photos. It was really a team effort. My second book followed a year later, this time focusing on Dutch oven cooking outdoors. Both books reached the Israeli top-seller list (we are an outdoorsy folk) and my overall experience was tremendously positive.


But I realized then that a personal decision must be made of whether this would become my career or remain a very invested hobby of mine. I chose the latter as there were other fields of entrepreneurship that were calling my name. I moved to the States, did my graduate studies, and went on to become a tech entrepreneur. Cooking remained my #1 craft – I often cooked when I wanted some creative inspiration or as a way to practice active meditation.


High Cookery was created in a time of transition. After a decade in the tech space, I decided the time for a change is coming. We packed our bags, left California, and started leading a nomadic lifestyle. Publishing a cannabis-infused cookbook seemed like a great adventure and I was in a very adventurous mode. The whole production effort was fun – the research, the creation of recipes, the many laughter-filled tasting events with likeminded friendlies, and of course working alongside the kindest souls I have ever met.


I realized that it was so good, it need not stop there. After a few months of contemplation, I decided to embrace the itch once again. Quickly, new ideas started running through my mind. The fire within started tickling with excitement and I began crafting new recipes. While this baby will also take time, I have already experimented with and photographed a few ideas. I think this book will only focus on canna cooking and ditch the ‘for the munchies’ angle. Also, I feel like bringing more middle eastern and traditional Jewish elements into the predominantly North American / European culinary canna chatter. In recent years, I started experimenting with molecular cooking techniques and while they typically are a complexity step above, I am dying to include some of these elements in the upcoming book. Finally, I plan to expand the basic infusions with ingredients beyond your common fats and basic tinctures.


I will share more once I feel there is something to represent, meanwhile I added an image teaser. Those of you who are familiar with High Cookery or most images on this website will see the styling in the next book is looser and more colorful. It will still strive to achieve that ‘food porn’ quality but in a slightly immature-ish way. Still working on that… any feedback is extremely welcomed.


Well…that is it for now – stay medicated